Setup of Wansview ncb543w – creating a connection and interface

Before we start the setup of Wansview ncb543w procedure, read the manual.

Now i will explain viagra from canada in several steps how a ethernet online assignment help and/or wi-fi connection can the established.

1、Information from the manual: NOTE: Factory setting IP is, the http port is 80, the username is admin, the password is 123456.
2、Connect the pc/notebook with a cross-over cable to the ethernet port of the webcam.
3、Change the IP address of your ethernet interface, IP address of your, subnet mask and gateway
4、If your network is already in this subnet 192.168.0.X you can skip step 3.
5、Open your browser and type and press enter. If you did it correctly, you see the following:

wansview ncb543w
6、Choose the link and type as user admin and password 123456
7、View, you are automatically redirect to this page. You see the live picture of the camera. On the right side you can control the rotation of the camera and adjust some settings like resolution and stuff. You play arround with it and setup whatever fits you best.

wansview ncb543w review

wansview ncb543w ip camera
8、Network, i recommend to set a fixed ip for the camera based on the ip pool your router adresses. In the second screenshot you see the setup of the wi-fi connection.
9、Alarm, here you can setup some alarms like motion tracking, email setup for automatic sending of an email when an alarm occurs and ftp uploading. I´m only using ftp uploading periodically every 60 seconds as you can see in the second screenshot.

10、Advanced, in this tab you can setup user accounts. I´ve setup

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an admin account and an guest account. Multidev settings is only interesting if you have got more than one camera.

11、Maintain, here you see the current versions of firmware and interface running, possibility to update software and a log (mainly user login log). Unfortunately i haven´t found any updates from Wansview for this type of camera.

Please remember that these screenshots were made with firefox browser. If you are using internet explorer, you have to install the active-x plugin first. It offers some more functions like recording or using the microphone. I personally don´t really like the IE and due to the fact that the camera uses an MJPEG stream which IE can´t display i advise you to use any other browser except IE! More detailed information and wansview ncb543w review can be found on Mystore365.com

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